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All appointment request must be done by completing this form, we don’t book appointment by phone. We will answer you by email within 48hours to tell you if the time slot you have chosen is available.

We suggest that you come to the appointment with the people whose opinion will be important for the choice of your dress but we will only be able to accommodate two accompanying persons. Thank you for your understanding.

An appointment of one hour allows to try 4 to 5 dresses.

To allow our counsellors to help you choose the ones you will try among all the models we present, you will need to share pictures of dresses that you like within our selection.

Before scheduling an appointment, determine the budget you want to spend on your dress. The choice is very wide at METAL FLAQUE. Prices range from around € 2,500 to over €14,000. We advise you to browse the pages of the designers we present on our website. We indicate the price range for each of them.

We advise you to come to the appointment with the people whose opinion will be important for the choice of your dress but try to limit the number of people who accompany you to one or two. Too many opinions can make the choice extremely difficult, if not impossible. (You can come with up to three people on weekdays and two on Saturdays).

The booking fees for an appointment on Saturdays are €40, which you can pay by credit card using a secure link. These costs will of course be deducted from the price of the dress (excluding accessories, samples and sales) that you would order from our house.


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    We will allow to contact you again between 24 and 48 hours before your appointment to confirm your visit. Without confirmation from you, we can not guarantee to keep available the time slot that was reserved for you.

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