We recommend that you complete this form to make an appointment. Our switchboard is often occupied. We will answer you very soon to tell you if the time slot you have chosen is available.


Some advices to make your appointment more pleasant and more effective:

An appointment of one hour allows to try 4 to 5 dresses.

To allow our counselors to help you choose the ones you will try among all the models we present, do not hesitate to collect pictures of dresses that you like. When we confirm the appointment, we will send you the email address of the counselor who will receive you and you can send them these photos so that she can prepare your appointment as best as possible.

Before scheduling an appointment, determine the budget you want to spend on your dress. The choice is very wide at METAL FLAQUE. Prices range from around € 1,500 to over €10,000. We advise you to browse the pages of the designers we present on our website. We indicate the price range for each of them.

We advise you to come to the appointment with the people whose opinion will be important for the choice of your dress but try to limit the number of people who accompany you to one or two. Too many opinions can make the choice extremely difficult, if not impossible. (You can come with up to three people on weekdays and two on Saturdays).


If this is possible, we advise you to come another day than Saturday. Our counselors are generally much more available on weekdays.

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