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METAL FLAQUE presents exclusively in France, the wedding dresses of Charlie Brear.

Exclusively in Paris.


Charlie Brear presents a fashion-led wedding dresses collection inspired by cocktail wear.

Fluid fabrics and relaxed silhouettes create a carefree mood that’s indicative of the brand’s fresh and contemporary approach to bridal wear.

The collection has a wide range of versatile additions, coats, jackets,…which work perfectly to transform a look throughout day and night.

The collections are designed and produced entirely in the UK.

From 1 650 up to 2 250 euros.

Charlie Brear had been a stylist for 10 years when she was required to source a plethora of vintage wedding dresses for a commercial shoot.

On selling the dresses afterwards, she was surprised at how popular they were. Her success led to the first full collection in 2011.



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